Other Projects

Over recent years EDSA has been involved in a series of other educational projects in the Western Cape area.  Funding restrictions or a natural ending of projects mean that the following links are to archive material:

Students in Action - ASSET bursary holders and older young people giving something back, in the past this has included a successful student magazine Angle Search (currently not being published as further funding is required). Currently young people are assisting with after school and holiday activity work and the next project was instigated by several ASSET bursary holder. EDSA is keen to encourage young people to set up their own projects in the community.

Celebrating Diversity - this was a one-off project to encourage interaction between schools of different ethnic composition in the Cape Town area. It was an ambitious project which showed to lack of any integration between black township schools and teachers and those in the City.

The United World Youth Conference - an annual conference for young people from all over the world.  EDSA was involved in linking township young people to this initiative for several years. Unfortunately the Conference for 2007 has been cancelled.

The Twinning Programme - the twinning of Mathew Goniwe Memorial High School in Khayelitsha township and Radley College, Oxfordshire. EDSA continues to develop links with both schools.