Our partnership with ASSET

ASSET (Association for Educational Transformation) is a Western Cape, section 21 non-profit organisation which was formed in 2003. It previously operated under the auspices of the Western Cape Branch of the South African Institute of Race Relations and has a long, proud history of serving the educational needs of disadvantaged students. Funded by donations received from local, national and international donors, over the years and with EDSA support the organisation has made a substantial contribution to educational development in the country and to the general well-being of the community that it serves.ASSET headquarters buildingASSET headquarters building

ASSET Vision is: To afford students, especially those from previously disadvantaged communities, the opportunity to enjoy equal access to higher education and the world of work.

ASSET Mission is: To contribute towards the process of educational transformation by providing opportunities for students from poorly resourced communities to realise their full educational potential so that they are able to meet the challenges of life and make a positive contribution to society.

Raj Naidoo is the Principal of Masibambane Secondary School. This school had a 95.6% Matric pass rate and was among the top schools in the province and the No 1 black township school in the Western Cape he says   "The support we receive from ASSET helps us put in place programmes that compensate to a small yet hugely significant extent for the enormous disadvantages black township schools face"  ASSET 2010 Annual report. 

ASSET also provides bursaries for students moving on into further and higher education.

"bursary students are a testimony to the courage of young South Africans. Many ...from informal settlements where the environment is not conducive to learning have to travel long distances to classes. Their collective achievements are incredible with an 82.3% pass rate in 2010"