The Object of EDSA is the advancement of education and relief of poverty of disadvantaged children and young people in South Africa.

EDSA aims to:

  • offer support to projects reaching disadvantaged children and young people from informal settlements and townships and from isolated rural schools, to achieve their full educationla potential and to participate meaningfully in democratic South Africa.
  • enhance the healthy lifestyles of children and young people in particular around the issues of HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol misuse and crime, as well as supporting their access to good nutrition during holiday projects.
  • encourage children and young people to become more aware of and take reponsibility for their environment.
  • encourage innovative training, resources and support to formal and informal educators working with children and young people from townships and isolated rural areas.
  • work against racial prejudice in South Africa by supporting the delivery of creative educational projects


Working in the lab at Saturday schoolWorking in the lab at Saturday school