EDSA Bursaries

EDSA Bursaries

More and more young people from Net vir Pret are matriculating well and are wanting to go on to further or higher education.  This is a huge decision for them as there is a cost to this and also the nearest training Institutions are often at least a 3 hour drive away. 

Net vir Pret encourages youngsters to consider their future options by meeting with them and their parents if available, by supporting them to fill in their application forms and by matching them with suitable SA based bursary funders.  NvP also arranges various visits to the colleges and universities for youngsters to sign up for their courses.  No easy task!  Unfortunately the bursaries available are often not sufficient to allow some of the most impoverished young people to find suitable accommodation and to live - we have had situations where youngsters have not eaten for 3 or 4 days because they simply had no money!  There are also often problems with bursaries which do not arrive on time again leaving learners vulnerable and hungry!

EDSA trustees have agreed that we will endeavour to support the most needy young people known to Net vir Pret with bursaries as and when possible.

EDSA would expect young people to have been participants of Net vir Pret and also would prefer if they have had a role as a "Young Leader" before going on to higher or further education.  EDSA has very limitted funding for bursaries and will therefore only support those who have special cases and on the direction on Net vir Pret.  EDSA would also expect those youngsters who do have bursaries to offer some support to NvP during their holiday periods, if possible.

If you are a "Friend of EDSA" and would like to support aspects of an individual young persons ongoing education please use the contact form to seek further information.