Students in Action

Students in Action consisted of ex-LDP learners presently studying at tertiary level and came about as a result of a visit in 1999 by Allan Mukungu of Comic Relief. The enthusiasm and desire of these learners to give back to their fellow students the benefit of their experience, to help with tutoring and to set up a self-help group developing links with businesses and other potential employers has won them funding  from Comic Relief. EDSA has provided monitoring and evaluating expertise.

EDSA was proud to invite Pamela Siswana (Chair of Students in Action), Mongezi Tamana and Xolani Gobelo to visited the UK as our sponsored guests. As well as work-shadowing and visiting schools they were able to make an impressive presentation to Comic Relief - something the staff at CR really appreciated as this happens all too rarely.

The club produced a twice-yearly magazine, Angle Search, which provided a lively forum for insightful articles by a team of young reporters. It was circulated free to the 2,600 learners on the LDP and also to the 550 ASSET bursars. Angle Search dealt with serious issues about prejudice, drugs and the struggle of young black people in South Africa to gain a good education and meaningful employment. This magazine had an ethos of hope,optimism and self empowerment.


The slogan developing young creative minds is supported by the words of the original editor, Sivuyile Mbambatho: Our history of struggle and the spirit of our elders have taught us that survival is not about physical fitness and individual wealth alone. It is also about teamwork, collective effort, comradeship and be strong, strive for knowledge and share what you have with others.

Funding for the magazine has unfortunately ended and the Student in Action group is seeking new direction.